Saturday, 19 December 2015

Painting Project No. 8 from 'Ways to Learn Acrylics'

Project number 8 ‘Understanding light, shadow and planes’ from "Little Ways to Learn Acrylics: 50 small painting projects..." by Mark Daniel Nelson was the most difficult exercise in the book so far. The first attempt was not successful for too many reasons to list. I almost gave up but instead decided to do another one completely from scratch.

To save canvas the second painting was done on acrylic paper, which didn’t look as nice. My stay wet pallet was handy to keep the mixed paint fresh so doing each section more than once was not a problem. When a line went wrong I would simply wait for it to dry and paint another. Lines are difficult freehand, especially the corners, so when it looked presentable I stopped. The only thing not completed was the step to add a line for the box lid; it didn’t work in the first painting and I didn't want to ruin it.

Perspective is really difficult for me, so I’ve bought a book… will blog about it another time.

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