Saturday, 9 April 2016

Painting Project No. 40 from “Ways to Learn Acrylics” - Tin cup

Project number 40 in “Little Ways to Learn Acrylics: 50 small painting projects...” by Mark Daniel Nelson is ‘Reflections on metal: Tin cup and cherry’. This was not as enjoyable as painting the boat even though it was a similar exercise. Creating form using multiple shades of grey from black and white was very challenging. Not mixing enough paint to finish a painting continues to be one of my greatest weaknesses. In the end I just tried to paint and not stress about perfection. It could have been worse.

Tuesday, 5 April 2016

Painting Project No. 39 from “Ways to Learn Acrylics” - Boat

‘Creating texture with layering: Old boat’ is project 39 in “Little Ways to Learn Acrylics: 50 small painting projects...” by Mark Daniel Nelson. Painting boats are really fun to do so this exercise was easy to complete. It was especially relaxing to create different layers and not worry too much about detail. This is a fantastic exercise to do more than once and try using different colours and  backgrounds.

Saturday, 2 April 2016

Pallet Knife and Acrylics at The Seasons Art Class

In my Monday Seasons Art Class we learned to use a pallet knife with acrylic paint.

In the first assignment we were instructed to use any colours to explore different pallet knives and what marks you can make. It was only an exercise but it yielded pretty nice results.
For the second assignment we were to use only a pallet knife to paint a shell or sea creature, thinking the sea horse would be easy, that’s what I did. It was difficult to draw something specific with the knife so really not  a fan.

For the final assignment we were to create any abstract we wanted, so similar to the first assignment this red, white and blue abstract was born.
It’s strange because I started taking art classes to train to draw and paint more realistic looking things and what I really like to do is create abstract art. Abstract may be my style, but I’m going to take a drawing class next term to be sure.